This module is very much like a multi-trace oscilloscope but, as the name Slow-Scope implies, is designed to operate at much lower frequencies than the fixed, 48kHz internal sample-rate of Voltage Modular. It is hence more suited to view slowly changing values such as modulation control voltages rather than audio signals. It is especially well suited to display output from the Centripidity Complex LFO to allow visual tweaking of the wave shape.

It achieves this by processing incoming voltage, not as individual samples but, by averaging over a user specified time-window, variable between 1 – 100ms. Alternatively, it can display the maximum value occurring within that time window. This allows slower changing signals to be viewed in near-real time.

The module can display four separate signals, all on the same axes, and each in a different colour for easy identification. The range of voltages displayed, and voltage offset of the display’s centre line voltage, can be modified with the Range and Offset knobs. Whatever the Offset, a fine yellow horizontal line will display the zero voltage level, unless the Range and Offset are set such that 0V does not lie within the display’s vertical limits.

Note that these vertical limits can always be viewed as axes labels just to the right of the display’s upper and lower right-hand corners.

To allow closer measurement of a signal’s voltage, hovering the mouse pointer over the screen will produce a dashed horizontal (constant voltage) line annotated with the voltage represented at that level.