Little Plucker

The Little Plucker module is an oscillator/sound generator designed to mimic the sound of a plucked string.  Unlike most oscillators however, it does not produce a constant waveform but effectively produces its own amplitude envelope with a fixed, fast attack and variable slow decay.  A new attack is triggered whenever any of the following events occur:

  • The Trigger button on the interface is pressed,
  • The Gate input receives a rising edge that reaches 2.5V,
  • The voltage on the Pitch CV input changes and the module is not in Gated mode.:
  • The Gate input is connected and receives a positive going edge that passes at least 2.5V.

Once a note has begun it will continue to sound/decay until any of these events occur:

  • A new note is sounded as explained above,
  • The Trigger button is released,
  • The Gate input voltage drops below 2.5V,

Controls are also provided to tune the oscillator and vary the sustain/decay rate.  Sustain can also be controlled via an external control voltage.

In addition, a Timbre control can be switched in and out and adjusted to give some variability to the character of the string.